Halloween 2007: "Thanks for All the Monsters" 

Signs You've Held A Successful Halloween Bash

  • Sheepish parents retrieve candy, explaining their children are too scared to approach
  • Word of mouth from the trick or treaters is so favorable, people drive in from other neighborhoods just to see the display
  • The neighbor with whom you have an escalating competition tells you he's heard incredible things about the goings on in your yard
  • Not only can the visitors not distinguish between the hostesses and the characters....
  • One's own mother startles when she doesn't recognize that the madwoman prowling the yard is her own daughter (that would be me) moving about in the display
  • A live rat gets to come out and play
  • Mothers give guided tours of the goings on so detailed, there's nothing for the hostesses to add!
  • Gusts of wind randomly activate the sensors of the animatronics so that no one knows what will start up, or when
  • A small child carefully goes through the entire yard with the rest of his pack, then turns around and crosses back to be sure to express his wide-eyed gratitude: "Thanks for all the monsters."


This year the forecasters threatened high winds and rain, which would have put quite a damper on our carefully laid plans. The skies certainly appeared foreboding enough, but after I declared that the bad weather did not dare to cross me, we stepped outside, and .... watched the clouds roll back and the sunlight appear. Spooky! Panic became the mother of invention, as nearly every aspect was hastily reworked to enable us to protect the monsters from the elements if need be. A few aspects, such as the skeleton with the candelabra, actually benefited from our improvisation. Others, such as the enchanted gazing pool and extensive candle displays, had to be scrapped until next year. Fortunately we had extra barbed wire on hand (what, doesn't everyone?) to tie down some of the more flight-inclined objects.

For those inclined to inquire as to whether items such as the cemetary urn, body bag, toe tags, and other suspiciously realistic items are "real," think long and hard about whom you're dealing with, and draw your own conclusions.

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